Living the Expat Life?

So how do you know if you would actually enjoy staying in one place for an extended period of time? Well . . . You stay in one place for an extended period of time. Tom’s version of “THE DREAM” (as in “Livin’ the Dream”): I wake up to the sunshine wafting through the gauzy curtains of our bedroom. I roll out of bed, pull on my shorts and head to the coffee maker. With my cup of coffee in my hand, still bleary-eyed with sleep, I step off the deck onto the warm sand just feet away from the surf. Excellent scuba diving would be nearby. *Aside* I think this part of the dream has shifted and changed a bit in the last few years. We now only drink decaf coffee and have a personal relationship

Welcome to Party Town: Patong Beach

Patong Beach is known as one of the best party towns in Thailand. It also has a great beach. We decided to hang for a week in Patong, not to party but because we found a quiet hotel just a block off the beach. *Aside* We also figured where there are lots of tourists there ought be good food. We were right, but more about that later! When I made our reservation at The Shades Boutique Hotel I asked for a room on a lower floor as there is no elevator. On arrival, low and behold, our room was on the fifth floor! *Aside* That is as far up as you can go. It did cross my mind that they punished us for asking! When we finally arrived in the room, huffing and panting after the 69 seemingly vertica

Phuket - The “h” is Silent

So after our adventures in pet sitting with Rosie in Kuala Lumpur we realized that it’s much nicer when someone comes into our room each day to change the sheets, make the bed, bring us fresh towels and leave us some bottled water. It hasn’t taken us long to get spoiled, huh? As usual Tom was drying out, feeling the need to get back in the water for some diving. Some of the best sites for diving in Thailand (actually in many places in the world) are only accessible from liveaboard boats as it takes too long to get many locations, even with a fast boat. One such site is Richelieu Rock located in the Andaman Sea off the coast of Phuket Thailand. We saved some money pet sitting so a liveaboar

A Home Away From Home

For two weeks we have an address in Kuala Lumpur: Lorong Taman Pantai 2, Bukit Pantai, Bangsar. We also have "house” responsibilities in addition to walking and feeding the dog, Rosie. *Aside* Somehow learning our address eludes me throughout our stay, so every time we get into a cab I must bring it up on my phone to show it to the driver. I think the fact that I have no idea how to pronounce it may be part of the issue. Whenever I try to say the address I’m faced by a blank stare, so I have to present the written address anyway. Then the driver says, “Oh, yes, Lorong Taman Pantai 2,” and it sounds nothing like what I thought it should be. Ah, well. The first thing we notice is the front do

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