Hostage Situation in Cebu

That got your attention, didn’t it? Well we are being held hostage: by our luggage. We have too much stuff traveling with us so we left an entire suitcase in Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines while we traveled other parts of Asia. Now we must return to Cebu City, Philippines for the suitcase. If Tom got a job, we would want all the stuff in that suitcase, but if we want to travel, we (apparently) don’t need any of the stuff in that suitcase. However we don’t want to abandon it forever so we must go back for it. Besides, we already bought a ticket for Cebu back in September. Thus here we are: back in Cebu. This is only a little complicated by the fact that the Christmas and New Year’s holidays a

The Last Days of Bali

On Monday, November 21st, we arrived at Rai House in Sanur (a suburb of Denpasar) for our last week in Bali. Rai House Sanur probably was a family enclave at one time, but has been expanded and extended into a hotel, Balinese style. Our room comes with breakfast: stir fried noodles; stir fired rice; banana-coconut pancakes (these are thin, almost crepe-like pancakes and really good); or eggs (as you like them) and toast. We don’t have a refrigerator so although we make a trip to Hardy’s Mall to visit the grocery store for some personal necessities we don’t buy perishables. *Aside* We do grab a few of my favorites: mangosteens. We settle into Rai House making our plan for our last week in Ba

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