Tom and Rebecca Hitch a Ride in the WABAC Machine

We thought about taking a day trip to Kanchanaburi, Thailand from Bangkok to see the bridge over the river Kwai. *Aside* I had no idea this was in Thailand. I guess I didn’t pay attention in school. Maybe it’s just that it was soooooooo long ago? When we checked on prices, the trip we wanted would cost about 3,500 Baht per person (about $100 each). When Vietnam was pulled from the itinerary we gained two weeks of time to fill, so we checked what a couple of nights in Kanchanaburi would cost. We found a little boutique hotel called the P. Y. Guest House in Kanchanaburi for 1200 baht for two nights (breakfast an additional 125 baht each) or about $41.50. With an additional 2000 baht (about $

The King of Thailand Died

We planned to go to Vietnam. Vietnam is the only Asian country on our list that requires a visa. Until August 2016 a fifteen day visa cost $35. When we went online to obtain the visa we discovered that we could only obtain a one year visa to Vietnam, and it was (with the airport stamping fee) $325 per person. *Aside* Apparently Vietnam asked the United States to make it easier for businessmen and students by offering a one year visa. The U.S. agreed and Vietnam reciprocated, but removed all the other visas at the same time. I’m sure they will eventually work it out, (in fact it seems they may have already done so) but we don’t want to see Vietnam that badly, so we took it off the list. We i

Charmed by Chiang Mai

Several people advised us to go to Chiang Mai, Thailand. I’m really happy we chose to go!! Tom and I both immediately liked Chiang Mai (much better than Aonang). It’s quieter and somehow prettier than Aonang. There are no beaches, but there are tons of things to do. *Aside*Maybe it was just that the sun was shining when we arrived and we hardly saw a raindrop. Our first night in Chiang Mai we walked to the Night Market for dinner. We saw temples, tons of Thai fabrics and clothes, silver goods and trinkets. We saw more food we couldn’t identify than food we COULD identify, but we found delicious things to eat nonetheless. *Aside* We also found the crispy fried bugs: crickets, grasshoppers,

The Rainy Season in Aonang, Thailand

When we started this journey we knew that this is rainy season in Asia. However this also means that it’s low season so we don’t have as much crowding, additionally getting us more bang for our buck. All-in-all we have been extremely lucky with the “rainy season.” We have not had to cancel anything because it’s raining. There have been some storms, but mostly they have been at night, so did not effect us. In Aonang the rain catches up with us. *Aside* Tom was actually warned off coming to Aonang for diving because the weather is so unpredictable. You literally look at the weather report in the morning to decide if you can risk going out to the far islands, knowing that by noon the weather

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