Someone Told Us: Go to Amed

*Aside Title*The Conundrum: How do you put what you don’t know exists into your dream? Bali is a small island: 3951 square miles. To put this in perspective Bali is only bigger than Rhode Island. You could almost put three Balis in Connecticut, so, it’s small. If you want to dive in Bali, the general consensus is plant yourself in a place and take a boat to all the sites because none of them are that far away. But this is not necessarily the best way to do things when you have plenty of time. In the beginning we talked about following the diving around the island of Bali. My only significant personal goal on this trip (other than “travel in Asia”) was to go to Ubud, Bali. *Aside* This b

When the Journey is More Than Just a Trip

*Aside Title* All About Me - So You Know It Will be LONG. It also may take a bit to load as there are LOTS of pictures!! So Tom and I split up. Wait! Before you panic it’s not permanent, just for the next eight days. Tom is going to Padang Bai to dive while I go to Ubud, Bali to do the things I need to do in Ubud. We’ll call it a spiritual journey on my side. *Aside* This is only complicated a little by the fact that I don’t actually know what I need to do in Ubud. Wait, I do know what I want to do in Ubud: visit the John Hardy Jewelry Compound; visit a healer; and . . . I’m sure there’s more but I can’t define it yet. Tom and I each use Grab Car to head our separate destinations. Tom’s c

The Blog That Almost Wasn’t

I am in Bali (Well not quite just yet!} I was going to take a couple days off from blogging. After all we had been in Kuala Lumpur before. This time we only had two days there, so probably there wasn’t going to be much to write about. Then we had such a good time, I have to share it. *Aside* I’ll add in our first few days in Bali, Indonesia. That will make it worth reading, right? We got on the train in Hat Yai intending to take it all the way to Kuala Lumpur. We stopped in Pedang Besar to cross the border from Thailand into Malaysia at about 10:00AM. *Aside* Crossing the border was super easy in the train station: walk in, clear immigration and leave Thailand; walk through the other door,

Mandatory Fun is Canceled Due to Rain

The next choice to fill the void Vietnam created is Hoa Hin. Websites report that residents of Bangkok flock to Hoa Hin’s beaches to escape the oppressive heat and congestion of the city. We chose Hua Hin for its proximity to our route south to Kuala Lumpur and the airport. We arrive via the train from Ayutthaya, changing trains in Bangkok. The train from Bangkok has very comfortable seats in comparison to the previous trains - almost airline seats - which make the five hour ride to Hua Hin pleasant rather than gruesome. Hua Hin’s train station was built in 1920 and features a Royal Waiting Room for the King and his entourage for his visits in the summer. There is a restored steam engine o

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You can view additional pictures from our various stops here

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